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Quick Devotionals

What if we don’t “feel” God when we pray?

God is present whether we feel Him or not, that is something we can bank on.
Sometimes damaged emotions can keep us from feeling God. So when we are hurting the most, we want to feel God so badly but its because we’re broken that we can’t. In these moments we exercise our spiritual muscle by offering praise to God because he deserves it, not because we “feel” it. My perception of God, is very little of what I feel anymore.
As babies to know something is real or reality they put it in their mouth. Oral.
As toddler to know something is real is touching. Touch and pull everything.
As a small child, you have to see it to know its real. Concepts like wind or spirit are hard to understand because we can’t see it.
As an adult, know something is real, if you feel it. How do you know you’re in love? What is passion? Loyalty? You feel it.
This screws us up. Because when we don’t feel God, we sometimes think he isn’t reality. When the truth is, he is constantly there.


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