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p90xa Sharing our Faith

When it comes to practically sharing our faith I think we can think through things this way…

1. Be archeologists. Dig up people’s history to find the real barriers that are standing between them and Christ. People often have unspoken issues that are getting in the way of them coming to faith. Uncover the nature of their barriers and the concerns behind their questions. Find out what would motivate them to get answers to their questions about faith.
2. Be Builders. Build bridges to the Gospel for people. Find the right balance in your approach between objective evidence and subjective experience. Find common ground with the people you’re trying to reach, and use those areas you have in common as the basis for meaningful dialogue. Earn the right to be heard. Then build a bridge from a point of shared beliefs toward the Gospel.
3.Be Musicians. Listen carefully to what people have to say, and hear the sour notes – things that don’t sound right – that they’re singing to you. When you hear what people actually believe and detect discrepancies in their viewpoints, you’ll know better how to reach them. So listen well, giving people your full attention when they speak. Eliminate distractions and focus on what they’re saying rather than thinking of your response while they’re still talking. Notice the discrepancies between their worldview and their heart longings, inconsistencies between what they say they believe and how they live, two or more beliefs that are mutually contradictory, and illogical beliefs.
4. Be Artists. Paint a picture of who God is with your words, with your actions, your life, your questions. Be the map that points people to who God is. (that’s too analogies in one, blowing your mind up)
5. Be Patient. Sharing yoru faith is a process. People understanding God is a process. It takes time. Be persistent and patient.


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