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Quick Devotionals

Comparing destroys community

I’m reading this book and the author suggests if an alien came to earth and asked what was up with humanity he would say “The thing that defines human personalities is that they are constantly comparing themselves to one another.” (Donald Miller)

We are constantly taking our physical bodies, our personalities, our skills, our talents and comparing them in positive or negative ways to one another. It almost seems ingrained in us. We don’t even have to think about doing it. We compare and we make conclusions based on our perceptions. We rank people.

TV and media just feeds this mentality. Almost every plots has to do with getting and finding the thing that is missing in our souls, only not getting it from God, but from other people.

The Bachelor, Last Comic Standing, Fear Factor, Cupcake Wars, American Idol, Ice Road Truckers. All our TV shows are trying to figure out who is better than who.

Consider before reality TV there has always been sports competitions. Why would 20,000 people show up to find out which football team was better than the other?

The author says this is how an alien would see us. It is obvious there is something wrong: there is something incomplete.

The alien might say….You keep comparing yourself and wanting more so you can climb this invisible hierarchy. It’s an obsession. You are trying to feel right by comparing yourself to others. It’s ridiculous. Who told you there was anything wrong with you in the first place?

I started thinking about my own life, how I need people to love me and like me and how, if they don’t, I feel miserable and sad and how I am tempted to believe what they’re saying about me is true.

It is though the voice God used to have has been taken up with less credible voices. Comparing ourselves to others leads us all to a dark place. We don’t have to do that.

God loves each of us uniquely, individually, without waver. Like we said before, all we have to be in ourselves. Who we were designed to be.

Cool is a myth.


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