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Love Each Other Out Loud

This mission of God is that he would have his people be his family. That’s God’s mission. Hundreds of times in the Bible, God says it this way to various people groups: “I will be your God. You will be my people.” God says this to people who are rebellious, who are sinful, some of … Continue reading

Shaped to be Loved

In the book of Jeremiah 18: 1-6   The word that came to Jeremiah from the Lord: 2 “Arise, and go down to the potter’s house, and there I will let you hear my words.” 3 So I went down to the potter’s house, and there he was working at his wheel. 4 And the vessel he was … Continue reading

Clear the Stage for Perserverence

There are just some things worth fighting for. What’s so dangerous about life is not the things you DO sometimes, but the things you DON’T do. The relationships you never deepen, the people in need you never serve. It’s the great prayers you never pray, the noble thoughts you never think, the adventures you never … Continue reading

70 Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards

Clear the stage of your past

From birth, Samson was actually called by God, set apart by God, empowered with supernatural strength from God to fulfill God’s calling on his life. The mission for Samson was to help deliver the Israelites from the oppressive hands of the bad guys, or the Philistines. And even though he was given all of this … Continue reading

Clear the stage to Shape History

I do believe you have a destiny. And if God were writing your fortune, I believe He would say: I want to accomplish my plans with your hands and feet. I want your life to be abundantly full of purpose and meaning. I want to change generations through you. I want to bring hope and … Continue reading

Clear the Stage for LOVE

Our theology of love is strongly shaped by our culture. Even if we don’t realize it. Culture teach us these life lessons: 1.Someday your prince charming will come, saving the day and rescuing you from your boring life. Prob on a white horse, maybe a bmw. 2. Love is magical and exciting all the time. … Continue reading

Clear the stage for God’s Acceptance

You don’t have to clean up the mess of your life before you come. Jesus’ primary message and Chi Alpha echoes it, is life gets messy but He loves you. We need to clear the stage, not of the mess, but for God’s acceptance. We live in the middle of the mess. Our lives are … Continue reading

Comparing destroys community

I’m reading this book and the author suggests if an alien came to earth and asked what was up with humanity he would say “The thing that defines human personalities is that they are constantly comparing themselves to one another.” (Donald Miller) We are constantly taking our physical bodies, our personalities, our skills, our talents … Continue reading

When Conflict arises

Jesus knew we would have trouble with each other. Afterall we’re people. He addresses a strategy in Matthew 18 Step 1= Vs 15 If a brother sins against you, go and show him his fault, just between the two of you. Most of us fail right here. We start by mulling it over in our … Continue reading

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